Stereo Wireless Headphones

The way things are heading, the day may not be too far off when some sort of iChip cranial implant will let you play any song you want in your head simply by having the thought. Until then, stereo wireless headphones are the next best thing for convenient, personalized music listening. Denon's new line of stereo wireless headphones offer exceptional personal sound quality with no wires to tangle up or tie you down.

Denon Stereo Wireless Headphones

Denon makes different wireless headphones for different lifestyles and purposes, but they all have some things in common:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 support, for state-of-art wireless headphone connectivity to any Bluetooth-capable smartphone or media player.
  • Touch-controls built into the earpieces, so you can use your stereo wireless headphones to remotely control your Bluetooth device (play, pause, volume adjustment).
  • Microphones built into the earpieces, with Bluetooth wireless connectivity so you can converse hands-free and un-tethered.

Stereo Wireless Headphones for the Busy Traveler

Denon's Globe Cruiser™ line of stereo wireless headphones are designed for the road warrior who wants to create a zone of privacy on the plane or the train. These stereo Bluetooth headphones are available in two styles:

  • Noise cancelling over the ear headphones. This style of stereo wireless headphones detects sound waves from steady external noise (like airplane engines) and emits sound waves that are the inverse of the external noise sound waves, rendering the noise inaudible to the headphone wearer.
  • Noise isolating in the ear headphones. These stereo wireless headphones form a snug seal in your outer canal to block out external noise, like especially effective ear plugs. This style of earphone can combat a wider range of noise frequencies than noise cancelling earbuds.

Stereo Wireless Headphones for the Fitness Fanatic

Denon Exercise Freak™ stereo wireless headphones are made for running or working out. Exercise Freak in-ear headphones are ultra-lightweight but deliver a heavyweight sound that will help drive you to run faster, lift more, or train harder. With sweat-resistant, air-cushioned earpieces, these stereo wireless headphones stay coolly comfortable even as you push yourself to the limit.

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