Workout Headphones

At Denon, we have the utmost respect for personal trainers, and it's not our intention to put the profession at any risk. We can't help it if our new Exercise Freak™ workout headphones might just be the best workout motivator you've ever had. Can personal trainers and our great-sounding wireless workout headphones peacefully coexist? For the sake of fitness fanatics everywhere, we certainly hope so.

Lightweight Workout Headphones with Heavyweight Sound

Denon's history is one of innovation in the pursuit of perfect sound. With our Exercise Freak sport headphones we've pulled off the trick of coaxing big, full-bodied stereo sound from an ultra-lightweight in-ear design. With compact but powerful stereo drivers, wide frequency response, and an integrated amplifier tuned to deliver deep bass as well as clean crisp highs, these are quite simply the best sounding wireless workout headphones you've ever heard. If down inside you've got the potential to go faster, lift more, or drive yourself even harder – and you know you do – Denon Exercise Freak workout headphones will help bring out your best.

Workout Headphones without Wires

When you're running the trail, benching serious iron, or showing the elliptical who's boss, wires are a nuisance you can do without. They dangle, they tangle, and even worse they occasionally get caught on something and startle you by ripping your headphones right off your head. Not an issue with Denon Exercise Freak sports headphones. With full support for Bluetooth 3.0, these state-of-the-art workout headphones connect wirelessly to your smartphone or player. It makes for a great, focused workout, with no strings attached.

Work Out with the Right Apps

With Denon stereo wireless headphones and your favorite tunes you'll be motivated to excel. Want to take it up even a notch further? Try using the Denon Sport smartphone app in combination with your Exercise Freak workout headphones. You can track your workout goals and your results, and socialize with other fitness fanatics.

If you're using your Denon Exercise Freak Bluetooth headphones as headphones for running, you can do even more with the Denon Sport app. A perfect complement to running headphones, the Denon Sport app lets you map your planned course, check your pace and calories burned, and even compare your position to friends who are running the same course.

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