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2 channel integrated amplifier with 160W per channel

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2 channel integrated amplifier with 140W per channel

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2 Channel fully digital integrated stereo amplifier with 70W

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2 channel Integrated Amplifier with 85W per channel

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2 channel Integrated Amplifier with 70W per Channel

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Enjoy rich sound from various sources with state-of-the-art Denon audio amplifier technology. Denon offers an array of amplifiers to improve and boost the sound from your loudspeakers.

From smaller rooms to large rooms, you’ll get the maximum performance you need to drive your favorite pair of loudspeakers or headphones. Whether you’re an aspiring music enthusiast or a true audiophile, there’s a Denon amplifier that suits your needs.

Home Audio Amplifiers

Do you love the deep analog sound you get from spinning vinyl? The PMA-600NE integrated audio amplifier features a high-performance MM phono equalizer amp. It’s perfect for connecting your turntable so you can dig into your favorite vinyl tracks. Plus, it also has Bluetooth® support and digital connectivity for exceptional audio performance with built-in DAC.

If you’re all about digital, the 70 watt PMA-150H integrated network stereo amplifier combines Hi-Fi performance with Wi-Fi connectivity. It provides all the power you need for most bookshelf and floorstanding speakers. With HEOS Built-in, you can enjoy online music streaming from Spotify, TIDAL, and other services.

Need a home audio amplifier with more power output? Try the PMA-1600NE home audio amplifier. With 140 watts of power per channel, this integrated amplifier provides enough power output to fill large rooms with extraordinary sound quality and precise detail. Advanced AL32 processing and an MM/MC phono equalizer stay true to the original recording, whether from a digital or analog source.

Enjoy home audio amplifiers that deliver the powerful sound you want with the latest technologies you expect from Denon.

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