Denon® unveils three new Music Maniac™ headphones for critical music listeners

Dec 31, 2014

Mahwah, NJ (December 31, 2014) – Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products today announced three new headphone models expected to become available in January.

Music Maniac™ series: AH-MM400, AH-MM300, AH-MM200

Targeted to serious music listeners, Denon’s new Music Maniac™ headphones are packed with advanced technologies, and feature proprietary drivers and housings. The top model in the new range, the reference class AH-MM400, features an over-ear (circum-aural) design that provides top comfort as well as passive acoustic isolation without the need for noise canceling. It features real American Walnut earcup housings that provide natural tone and an elegant look.

Inside each earcup is an advanced 40mm driver that features Denon's proprietary "Free Edge" technology. It dispenses with the usual surround roll at the driver's edge, allowing the diaphragm to move for the lowest distortion and widest dynamic range. The diaphragm itself features Denon’s advanced Carbon/Paper Composite blend, which combine the products lightweight feel with high rigidity and the driver’s neodymium magnets.

The AH-MM400 ($399) features a contemporary design, with a comfortable padded headband and aluminum alloy earcup holders for quick and easy folding. Two detachable audio cables are included (both featuring Oxygen Free Copper wiring). One cable features an in-line remote and microphone, while the other is a straight cable with no remote/mic features. This gives the user one cable for their smartphone or portable device and the other for use at home. A custom carrying pouch is included along with a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter for connection to a home audio system.

The AH-MM300 ($299) on-ear (supra-aural) model features an advanced earcup design with elegant styling. It utilizes reinforced glass fiber material that combines lightweight and high rigidity to eliminate resonance distortion, and the ellipsoid earcups feature a smooth ceramic-like finish. The 40mm drivers feature Denon "Free Edge" technology along with the advanced Carbon/Paper Composite blend diaphragms and neodymium magnets. The AH-MM300 is tuned for HiFi and dynamic sound even under outdoor application. The aluminum alloy earcup holders feature easy flat folding.

Two sets of audio cables are included (both featuring Oxygen Free Copper wiring and both are detachable). One cable features an in-line remote and microphone, while the other is a straight cable with no remote/mic features. A custom carrying pouch is included along with a 3.5mm headphone jack adapter.

The AH-MM200 ($199) on-ear model features the same ellipsoid earcup design as the AH-MM300 model. It includes the elegant ceramic-like finish and the use of reinforced glass fiber material to curb resonances while still maintaining lightweight and high rigidity. The 30mm drivers feature Denon's Triple Layered Diaphragm technology to deliver wide frequency response and high dynamic range along with neodymium magnets for a superb listening experience. The aluminum alloy earcup holders feature quick and easy folding.

Available in either black or white European inspired finishes; the AH-MM200 comes with two detachable audio cables. One cable features an in-line remote and microphone, while the other is a straight cable with no remote/mic features. Again, this model comes with a custom carrying pouch.

To enhance the Denon Headphone listening experience, there is a Denon Audio app available for iOS and Android® devices.

Together, all the new Denon headphones provide listeners with a variety of new choices. Each benefit from Denon's extensive research and technological developments in headphones derived from many years of research. In fact, over the years Denon has actually examined over 4,000 pairs of ears and heads of people from around the world in order to fully understand the different aural and facial physiology of people in different countries and cultures. Denon uses this proprietary data to design and engineer headphones that will fit, and most importantly, please listeners around the globe.


Denon AH-MM400 headphones

Denon AH-MM400

Denon AH-MM300

Denon AH-MM300 headphones

Denon AH-MM200 folding

Denon AH-MM200 headphones

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