Denon Reveals Three New In-ear Headphones, with Innovative Technology for Audiophiles On the Move

Sep 07, 2016

Mahwah, NJ (September 7, 2016) –Denon®, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products, announces three new in-ear models designed for audiophiles on the move. Aimed at those who want the very best sound whether traveling, working or relaxing, the new in-ear models are packed with advanced Denon technologies, designed to deliver the best possible performance from compact, lightweight earphones. All three models are expected to be available in September.

AAH-C820, AH-C720, AH-C620R – superb sound, wherever you go
Drawing on half a century of Denon headphone engineering experience, the new models are designed to combine comfort without compromising the sound. All three models can be used with the dedicated Denon Audio Application for iOS and Android®, allowing the user to enhance the sound and tune it to suite their personal preferences.

Denon AH-C820 ($199)
The range-topping AH-C820 uses the unique Double Air Compression Driver™ technology for powerful bass and ultimate clarity. It uses two 11.5 drivers, one in front of the other, to move more air and thus deliver powerful, low-distortion bass. This patented design also uses separate wires from the plug to each driver, for ultimate signal purity – another Denon world-first. The drivers are mounted in housings combining die-cast aluminum and resin, designed for rigidity and vibration-damping, while dual Denon Acoustic Optimizer ports to the front and rear of the housing help equalize the air-pressure in front of and behind the drivers. It’s all part of making the sound as dynamic and distortion-free as possible.

The AH-C820 is fitted with Comply TX500 ear-tips, which combine with the ergonomically-shaped housings to give a secure fit for the purest sound and maximum isolation from external noise. The tips use memory foam activated by the heat of the user’s ears, and have an integral wax-guard to keep the inside of the earphones clean. Four sizes of silicon ear-tips are also provided, along with a carrying case and cable clip. It is available in black.

Denon AH-C720 ($149)
The AH-C720 uses a single 11.5mm driver in the aluminium/resin hybrid housing, and retains the Denon Acoustic Optimizer technology. The direct successor to the popular AH-C710, it’s designed for life on the move, with fiber-mesh cover on its cable for durability. A Radial Cascade Damper ‘floats’ the connection between the cable and earpieces, blocking mechanical noise and vibration. It also comes with Comply TX400 tips as standard, with a selection of four sets of silicon tips included, and is supplied with a carrying case and cable clip. It is available in black and silver.

Denon AH-C620 ($99)
With a high-end drive-unit, Radial Cascade Damper and similar housing design like the other models, the AH-C620R comes complete with a built-in remote control in its cable to operate iOS devices and allow calls to be taken. Available in a choice of black or white, it comes with both Comply foam tips and four sizes of silicon tips, and a durable carrying case.

All three new Denon models have been tuned for clarity and excellent sound quality, even in noisy environments, but users can further boost the sound, and tune it to personal preferences, using the free Denon Audio app, available for both iOS and Android® devices. This app not only optimizes the sound of portable devices, it also offers an improved player interface supporting queuing, and playlisting, and allows the user to access over 70,000 radio stations and 2 million on-demand programs via the TuneIn Internet Radio platform.

At a glance:

AH-C820 – Highlights

  • Denon Patented Double Air Compression Driver with dual cable
  • Ergonomic aluminum diecast / resin hybrid housing for best sound and fit
  • Comply Eartips included for comfort fit
  • New easy to go carrying case

AH-C720 – Highlights

  • Ergonomic aluminum diecast / resin hybrid housing for best sound and fit
  • Durable fiber meshed cable
  • Comply Eartips included for comfort fit
  • Included easy to go carrying case

AH-C620R – Highlights

  • Ergonomic aluminum diecast / resin hybrid housing for best sound and fit
  • Stylish Apple remote and mic for control and talk
  • Comply Eartips included for comfort fit
  • Included carrying case



 Denon AH-C820

 Denon AH-C720

 Denon AH-C620R

 Denon AH-C620R

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