5.1 Channel Receiver

A 5.1 channel receiver is a great way to power a surround sound system that immerses you completely in your favorite movies, games, and music. In contrast to the conventional two-channel home stereo system, with a 5.1 channel receiver you get:

  • Five full frequency range channels, to deliver audio separately to left, right, center, left surround, and right surround speakers.
  • A dedicated deep-bass channel (known as a Low Frequency Effects or LFE channel) that powers a subwoofer. This dedicated bass channel is the ".1" in a 5.1 receiver.

The Denon AVR-1713 5.1 Channel Receiver: Superb Sound...

At Denon, we're passionate about sound quality, and that passion shows through in the design, engineering, and performance of our audio video components. To ensure that our AVR-1713 5.1 channel receiver makes your movies, games, and music sound great, the receiver features:

  • Discrete circuitry for each of the five 80-watt full range channels, for truer sound reproduction than provided by the integrated circuits that many manufacturers use in a home receiver.
  • Efficient signal path design that keeps path lengths within the 5.1 channel receiver as short as possible to minimize signal degradation.
  • Vibration-resistant construction to preserve optimal sound quality.
  • Support for high definition audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD.
  • Built-in Audyssey audio technologies, for automatic, real-time optimization of surround sound for different volume levels and for the acoustics of your room.

...From Any Audio or Video Source

Denon audio video receivers are among the most versatile on the market, with connectivity support for nearly any type of device. The Denon 5.1 channel receiver provides:

  • Ample support for HDMI, fast becoming the de facto standard for high definition audio and video connectivity. The AVR-1713 HDMI 5.1 receiver features six different HDMI inputs, including one on the front panel for easy access from portable devices.
  • Advanced networking capabilities, enabling you to use streaming services like SiriusXM Internet Radio or Pandora.
  • Built-in Apple Airplay support, so you can use your AVR-1713 5.1 channel receiver as the centerpiece for a wireless surround sound system. With the AVR-1713 connected by ethernet to your home's wireless router, you can wirelessly stream your iTunes library to the receiver from your iPod Touch®, iPhone®, iPad®, Mac, or PC. And AirPlay supports higher bandwidth streaming and longer distances than does a Bluetooth® audio receiver.

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