7.2 Receiver

A 7.2 receiver is a high end audio video receiver supporting surround sound. The "7.2" designation indicates the receiver's degree of support for separate audio channels:

  • The "7" refers to the seven full frequency range audio channels that a 7.2 receiver powers. In a surround sound speaker configuration, the seven channels are the left, right, center, left surround, right surround, left rear surround, and right rear surround. This provides an even more fully immersive home theater experience than a 5.1 channel receiver, which lacks separate channels for the two rear surround speakers.
  • The ".2" indicates the 7.2 receiver's support for two specialized channels that handle only very low frequencies – otherwise known as Low Frequency Effects or LFE – which are output to specialized speakers called subwoofers. For a large room (or for users who love deep bass effects from their movies or games), the two LFE channels a 7.2 receiver provides are more potent than the one LFE channel that you get with a 7.1 channel receiver or 5.1 receiver.

A premium 7.2 receiver like Denon's AVR-3313CI IN-Command receiver makes an ideal foundation for a state-of-art home theater system.

Exceptional Sound Quality and Reliability in a 7.2 Receiver

The Denon AVR-3313CI 7.2 receiver is engineered to get the best possible sound from your music, shows, movies, and games:

  • The AVR-3313CI uses discrete circuits to deliver 125 watts of power to each of its seven full frequency channels – more than enough power for even the largest rooms.
  • The AVR-3313CI audio receiver provides advanced Dolby sound support including Dolby Pro Logic IIz with Cinema, Music, and Game modes; Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital+ Decoding; and Dolby Digital Surround EX Decoding.
  • This premium 7.2 receiver features built-in Audyssey MultEQ XT technology that automatically customizes your surround sound for best performance for the particular size, shape, and acoustics of the room.

Denon home audio components are well known for reliability as well as sound quality. We back our AVR-3313CI 7.2 receivers with a three-year warranty.

Unsurpassed 7.2 Receiver Versatility

With the amazing sound that you'll get from your Denon AVR-3313CI receiver, you'll want to use it as often as possible and in as many ways as possible. This Denon 7.2 receiver is highly versatile, making it the perfect centerpiece to integrate all your media devices:

  • The AVR-3313CI supports nearly any type of media device connection including analog audio, coaxial or optical digital audio, composite video, S-video, component video, and HDMI (seven HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs).
  • The AVR-3313CI easily integrates with your home ethernet network, and supports internet radio services like Pandora.
  • The AVR-3313CI is Apple friendly and Android friendly, with a front-side USB audio connector and built-in support for AirPlay and DLNA wireless streaming.

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