Active Noise Control

Active noise control headphones are a type of noise reduction headphones that use advanced circuitry to actively identify and negate external noise. In headphones with active noise control:

  • Miniature microphones within the headphone earpieces detect external noise.
  • Circuitry embedded within the earpieces analyzes the sound wave associated with the external noise and emits a second sound wave exactly inverse to the external noise sound wave (with the same amplitude but inverted phase).
  • In a phenomenon known as phase cancellation or destructive interference, the two combined waves effectively cancel each other out, making the external noise inaudible to the headphone wearer.

As a type of noise reducing headphones, active noise control headphones (also known as sound canceling headphones) are especially effective at negating constant low frequency noise such as the drone of an airplane engine or the sound of a train speeding along tracks. As such, active noise control headphones are a popular choice as headphones for travel.

Denon Globe Cruiser: Wireless Active Noise Control Headphones with Superior Sound

Denon's new Globe Cruiser™ active noise control headphones are designed for business travelers and others who want to silence background noise so they can focus or relax. Along with state-of-art, exceptionally effective active noise control circuitry, Denon Globe Cruiser noise cancelling earphones are set apart by:

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Globe Cruiser headphones can connect wirelessly to your iPhone®, iPad®, or any Bluetooth-supporting device. Not only is music wirelessly beamed from your device to your Globe Cruiser headphones, you can also wirelessly interface with your device using the remote controls and dual microphones embedded in the Globe Cruiser earpieces.
  • Denon sound quality. Denon is known worldwide for our high fidelity audio components, and that same devotion to high quality sound reproduction shows in our Globe Cruiser active noise control headphones.

Active Noise Control for Today's Business Traveler

We built Globe Cruiser headphones with the business traveler in mind, and it shows in every design element and feature:

  • The Globe Cruiser's innovative over-ear/on-ear hybrid design makes them substantially lighter and more comfortable than conventional active noise control headphones – perfect for long trips.
  • These foldable headphones fit easily into a slender travel case.
  • Globe Cruisers feature a 10-hour rechargeable battery and also work in passive mode in the event that your battery runs out.
  • The downloadable Denon Travel smartphone app lets you create custom playlists, adjust EQ levels, listen to internet radio, and easily access popular travel applications.

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