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Music distribution has changed dramatically in recent years, as CDs and other forms of packaged media start to give way to digital media stored in portable media players (PMPs) or streamed from the internet. With the change in how music is stored and played has come the advent of the audio dock, which brings a bigger, shared sound to music played from PMPs. Denon's new Cocoon audio dock is evidence of what can happen when a tradition of excellence embraces and elevates the newest technologies.

The Best Audio Dock Sound Quality

For more than 100 years Denon has pursued and achieved excellence in sound quality, earning a reputation as one of the world's leading makers of high fidelity home audio systems. Now we've brought that same passion for great-sounding music to our Cocoon audio dock. With a spacious acoustic chamber, dual two-way speakers and 100 watts of total system power the Cocoon audio dock effortlessly fills your home with the music you love.

An Audio Dock that Looks as Great as it Sounds

Because we know that a home stereo system is not only heard but also seen, we designed the Cocoon to please your eyes as well as your ears. Far from the typical boxy stereo, this audio dock's spherical oval shape exudes simple elegance. With a retractable dock tray and touch sensitive control buttons, nothing interrupts the Cocoon's clean, flowing lines.

Bringing it All Together, Wirelessly

The Denon Cocoon gets along great with the other media devices in your home, bringing all your systems together into a unified home entertainment system:

  • With its retractable docking tray the Cocoon can serve as an iPhone dock, an iPod dock, or an iPad dock, while through its USB port you can dock Droids or other types of smartphones.
  • With built-in AirPlay (for Apple devices) and DLNA (for non-Apple devices), the Cocoon audio dock supports wireless audio streaming from any major smartphone.
  • The Cocoon very easily integrates with your wireless home network, so the music dock can access media stored on PCs, Macs, and home NAS units.
  • The Cocoon comes within built-in support for three internet radio presets, so you've got music available even when your smartphone isn't.

Take This Audio Dock on the Road

Looking to take great sound and wireless audio streaming with you on the road or to the beach? Then check out the Portable version of the Cocoon – it's got the functionality of the Home version of the Cocoon, but it's 25% smaller, has a convenient carrying handle, a water resistant grille, and a 5-hour rechargeable battery.

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