Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Because Bluetooth® wireless technology has been around a long while, music lovers wanting to wirelessly link their portable media devices to a premium home sound system might think first of a Bluetooth audio receiver. But if you're a user of Apple's iOS devices – an iPod Touch®, iPhone®, or iPad® – you're better off with an AirPlay-supporting audio receiver rather than a Bluetooth audio receiver. With their native support for Apple AirPlay, Denon's 5.1, 7.1, and 7.2 receivers make an ideal foundation for a great-sounding, easy to use wireless surround sound system.

Why Choose an AirPlay Audio Receiver Over a Bluetooth Audio Receiver?

A Bluetooth audio receiver does provide a way to wirelessly stream music from a portable media player to a home audio system. But for iOS device users, AirPlay offers a better experience. Designed by Apple specifically to enable wireless streaming for Apple multimedia devices, AirPlay provides you:

  • Crystal clear sound. Because AirPlay uses your home WiFi network, it supports much greater bandwidth than Bluetooth. AirPlay consequently does not compress audio during wireless transmission as will occur if you use a Bluetooth audio receiver. Audio sent over AirPlay wireless stays true to its source.
  • Superior range. If you use Bluetooth connectivity you'll need to keep your iOS device quite close to your Bluetooth audio receiver. For AirPlay, the range is the full range of your home WiFi – so you can move around your home with your iOS in hand, and it will keep streaming to your audio system.
  • No "pairing" required. To make a Bluetooth connection to a Bluetooth audio receiver, you'll need to go through the "pairing" process – before you even start to use your music player. With AirPlay, as long as your iOS device and your audio receiver are both connected to your home WiFi, it's a cinch to start streaming music. This easy connectivity comes in handy when you've friends over who want to share some cool new tracks with you.
  • Stream wirelessly to multiple audio systems. With iTunes installed on your Mac or PC, you can use AirPlay to wirelessly stream iTunes music from your computer to multiple audio systems in different rooms, simultaneously. For instance, you could stream the same music to one of Denon's five or seven channel surround sound systems in your living room and to a Denon iPhone docking station in your bedroom or office.

AirPlay Audio Receivers from Denon

At Denon we're passionate about building home audio components that sound great and are convenient to use. That's why our audio video receivers were the first to feature native AirPlay support. We offer a variety of receivers that offer built-in AirPlay, as well as advanced networking capabilities and ample HDMI connectivity for high definition audio and video. Depending on your preferences, you can choose an HDMI 5.1 receiver or a 7.1 or 7.2 channel receiver, all with native AirPlay for better performance than you'd get with a Bluetooth audio receiver. All Denon receivers are engineered for exceptional sound performance and are simple to set up and use.

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