Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth has become the standard for wireless connectivity between personal media devices, and Bluetooth headphones are one of the most common Bluetooth applications. All Bluetooth headphones are not created equal, however. Beyond the basics of providing wireless connectivity to smartphones, portable media players, and other Bluetooth-capable devices, Bluetooth headphones vary widely in their sound quality and reliability, and also in how well they support particular uses such as travel or exercise.

Denon, maker of some of the world's best high fidelity audio equipment, has introduced a new line of Bluetooth headphones that provide the exceptional sound quality and durability that Denon's long been known for, while catering to the different needs of users such as the frequent traveler and the fitness buff.

Noise Reducing Bluetooth Headphones for Travel and Home

Denon's Globe Cruiser™ line of luxury Bluetooth stereo headphones are tailor-made for today's business traveler looking for some peace and privacy while on the plane or train. Globe Cruiser Bluetooth headphones come in two models both of which deliver great sound while also warding off the noises and nuisances of travel:

  • Globe Cruiser on-ear, folding headphones use active noise control to detect and negate the sound waves associated with ambient noise.
  • Globe Cruiser in-ear headphones create a snug seal in your outer ear drum to passively block out external noise.

With either model of these Denon wireless earphones for travel, you also get built-in remote controls for your smartphone, a built-in microphone for talking to co-workers or Siri®, and a downloadable smartphone app packed with features to improve your musical and travel experience.

With great sound quality and highly effectively noise reduction, these Bluetooth headphones are also well suited for home use – like when you want to focus or relax without external distractions, or when you want to use wireless headphones for TV to ramp up the sound of movies, games, or a concert video.

Bluetooth Headphones for Exercise

Denon Exercise Freak™ wireless Bluetooth headphones are made for sports and exercise. Packing a powerhouse sound into an ultra-lightweight in-ear design, these wireless fitness headphones motivate your workout while staying out of your way. Built specifically for use as earphones for running, hitting the gym, or training for your sport, Exercise Freak Bluetooth headphones feature air-cushioned earpieces, anti-microbial ear tips, a reflective neckband, built-in smartphone controls and mic, and a downloadable app with lots of cool features for fitness buffs.

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