Digital Music Systems

Recent years have brought big changes in the way that people acquire and play recorded music. CDs are giving way to music purchased online or streamed over the internet, and players can now be smartphones, PMPs, tablets, or computers. In this environment, music lovers are in the unfamiliar position of shopping for digital music systems that can integrate today's varied audio sources.

If you're checking out digital music systems, keep in mind these key criteria:

  • Sound quality. Despite all the changes in how music is distributed and played, the ultimate test of any digital audio dock is the same as it's always been for home audio systems – how good does it sound? This is an especially important criteria at a time when lots of manufacturers, with varying degrees of audio technology experience, are jumping into the digital music systems market.
  • Versatility. Recorded music these days can be played from a variety of players, in a variety of formats, and transmitted wirelessly or through wired connections. Digital music systems differ in how versatile they are. Look for a digital music dock that's compatible with a wide variety of players and formats so that it serves your needs not just today but also a couple years down the road.
  • Bonus features. Sound quality and versatility are the most important criteria when shopping for digital music systems. Beyond that you're looking for icing on the cake. How good does the system look, and what kind of other cool features does it have?

High Fidelity Digital Music Systems from Denon

For more than a century Denon has been at the forefront of high fidelity audio technology. Our new Cocoon digital music systems keep up that tradition of audio innovation and excellence. The Cocoon is for discriminating music lovers who are looking first and foremost for premium sound quality. This high fidelity audio dock packs 100 watts of total system power, a two-way speaker system with optimized cross-over, a larger than typical acoustic chamber, and advanced digital signal processing to deliver crystal clear sound at any volume.

Denon's Versatile Digital Music Systems

Cocoon digital music systems offer unsurpassed versatility, with support for all major players and formats:

  • Across-the-board iOS compatibility – you can use the Cocoon as an iPhone® speaker dock, an iPad® speaker dock, or an iPod® speaker dock.
  • Android and Windows smartphone compatibility.
  • Wireless connectivity support in all major forms, including WiFi (for home network integration), AirPlay (for wireless streaming from Apple devices), and DLNA (for wireless streaming from non-Apple devices).
  • USB port and auxiliary input, for connections from CD players, thumb drives, and other audio sources.

Great Styling and More

Cocoon digital music systems provide better sound and more versatility than conventional iPod docks. They also offer:

  • Artistic styling – smooth and spherical rather than the usual boxy audio dock.
  • Built-in internet radio with up to three presets.
  • A free smartphone app that converts your smartphone into a remote control for the dock.
  • A portable version of the dock, that's built for using out at the park or the beach.

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