Ear Buds

With your smartphone or portable media player you've got all your favorite artists and all the songs you love available to you anytime, anywhere. With so much great music always at your fingertips, the only question is what are you going to use to listen to it? There's always the ear buds option – those tiny little buttons that look like they tumble off the factory line by the millions. Ear buds are cheap, even freely given away sometimes – the audio equivalent of disposable razors.

But you know that your favorite artists and songs deserve better, and so do you. That's why Denon offers a new line of premium head phones that's geared toward use with smartphones and portable media players.

Better Sound Quality than Ear Buds

The old adage "you get what you pay for" certainly applies to ear buds. Ear buds have a notoriously thin, tinny sound that befits their tiny size and dime-a-dozen production. Denon headphones live at the opposite end of the sound quality spectrum. For over a century Denon's been a pioneer in sound quality technology and a maker of high fidelity audio equipment, and that heritage shows in our line of headphones for cell phones and portable media players. Our several models of in-ear head phones are a tad larger than ear buds and provide more powerful and advanced electronics, for exceptional sound quality while still being very lightweight. We also offer over-ear headphones for an even bigger, more powerful sound.

Because different music lovers have different ways of listening to their music, Denon's new line of smartphone-compatible ear phones features multiple models with different sound profiles. Our workout headphones feature a heavyweight sound from a very lightweight design; our audiophile headphones provide transparent acoustics and impeccably pure sound reproduction; our club-oriented headphones kick up the bass; and our traveler's headphones feature noise reduction in on-ear or in-ear styles that both deliver far superior performance than noise cancelling earbuds.

More Comfortable than Ear Buds

To really lose yourself in the music, you need headphones that are supremely comfortable, and here again you can do far better than run-of-the-mill earbuds. Denon's in-ear models feature multiple types and sizes of interchangeable ear tips so you can get exactly the right fit for your particular ears. And our over-ear models feature plush memory foam ear pads in an innovative pentagonally-shaped design that provides for optimal comfort and acoustic performance.

Better Mobility than Ear Buds

If you've worn ear buds you know that 1) ear buds have wires dangling down from them that often get in your way; and 2) ear buds sometimes fall out of your ears. Not the best when you want to listen to music on the go. If you want lightweight portability in a pair of headphones that can really move with you, try either our fitness headphones or our in-ear travel headphones. Both feature stabilizing ear pieces that wrap around behind your ears to keep the earphones in place while you move; and both feature Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity so you won't get caught in cables when you use them as headphones for iPhone®, Android®, or any other Bluetooth-capable device.

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