Earphones for Android

Your Android phone is a powerhouse mobile entertainment center as well as your round-the-clock connection to friends, family, and co-workers. To get all you can from your Android's audio, video, and voice capabilities, you need a pair of high quality earphones for Android. Denon, one of the world's leading makers of high fidelity audio components, now offers a line of earphones for Android that provides Android phone users with superior sound quality and advanced features.

Denon Sound Quality in Earphones for Android

For more than a century, Denon has been a leader in audio technology innovation and the development of high-end audio equipment for professional and personal use. That renowned Denon sound quality is now available in our new line of earphones that are designed for use as earphones for Android and other leading mobile platforms. Along with the premium sound quality that Denon's long been known for, these headphones for cell phones provide lifestyle-oriented features and functionality designed to help you get the most enjoyment and productivity from your Android phone.

Wireless Earphones for Android, for When You're On the Move

One of the best things about using your Android for entertainment or work is its easy portability. Denon offers several models of wireless earphones for Android that enable you to move freely while you listen to music, control your phone's music player through the earphones' built-in remote controls, or have a conversation through the earphones' built-in mic. These Bluetooth wireless headphones for phone are available in several styles including:

  • On-ear, luxury noise cancelling headphones for Android, for the business traveler
  • In-ear, luxury noise isolating earphones for Android, for the business traveler
  • In-ear, super lightweight fitness earphones for Android, ideal for use as headphones for running or working out

High Performance Earphones for Android, for the Music-Obsessed

If wireless connectivity isn't important to you but superb sound quality is, Denon also offers high performance headphones that you can use for listening to your Android or home stereo. Our high performance models of earphones for Android include:

  • High definition headphones that deliver impeccably faithful reproduction of the source recording, for the true audiophile
  • High-powered, bass-heavy headphones engineered to deliver the best sound for genres like hip-hop and club music

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