Which headphone style is best for you? It depends on your lifestyle and listening habits – things like whether you're usually at rest or in motion when you're listening to music, and what kinds of music you enjoy most. Denon's new headphone line features a variety of styles, each tailored to different listening experiences. Check out our headphone styles and see which is just right for you.

The Wireless Fitness Headphone

If you're a fitness fanatic, or just a weekend warrior, you know that your workouts go better if you're listening to great music. The Denon Exercise Freak™ sport headphone is designed to provide outstanding sound quality without getting in your way. An ultra-lightweight, in-ear headphone, the Exercise Freak has air-cushioned ear pieces that wrap over your ear to keep the headphone stable no matter how intensely you're working out. And with Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-capable device, the Exercise Freak headphone won't tangle you up in cable.

The Noise-Reducing Travel Headphone

For today's businessperson, the plane or train isn't just a way to get from one place to another – it's a place to get some work done, or catch a bit of much-deserved rest. If only all the passengers around you would cooperate by keeping perfectly quiet. Since that's not going to happen, be sure not to leave home without your Denon Globe Cruiser™ travel headphones. Available as on-ear, folding headphones or in a super lightweight in-ear model, the Globe Cruiser provides exceptional ambient noise reduction so you can concentrate or relax in peace. (While they're built for the road, nothing's stopping you from using them as noise-reducing wireless headphones for TV when you get home. Sometimes TV demands your full attention.)

The Audiophile Headphone

When it comes to sound quality, does any departure from perfection drive you batty? Welcome to our world. If you're as obsessive about sound as we are, the Denon Music Maniac™ headphone will be music to your ears. Available in over-ear and in-ear models, the Music Maniac headphone features the most advanced driver, connector, and cabling technologies, while professional tuning to a flat EQ ensures faithful reproduction of the source recording.

The Heavy Bass Headphone

Think new genres of music fall flat on a pair of conventional headphones? We think you're right. That's why we created the Denon Urban Raver™ headphone. Built to power bass-heavy music like hip-hop and techno, Urban Raver head phones are available in an over-ear model (with an integrated power amp and 50mm drivers) and an in-ear model (with a patent-pending design that parallel-mounts two 11.5mm drivers in each ear piece). Denon's Urban Raver head phones are specifically designed for those who set the trend, not those who follow it.

All Denon headphone models make outstanding phone headphones for iPhone® or Android®, headphones for iPod® or iPad® or other portable players, or headphones for home audio systems.

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