Headphones for Running

You're looking for some good headphones for running, but stop a minute and imagine running along to your favorite music, big and clear, without even wearing headphones. Nothing to weigh you down or tie you up – just great, soul-stirring music, giving lift to your every stride. At Denon, that's the feeling we were going for when we designed our new line of wireless headphones for running – the most comfortable, lightweight, best-sounding workout headphones ever made.

Headphones for Running, without any Headphone Fuss

We built our new Exercise Freak™ sport headphones for runners like you who want great sound during your workout, without any of the nuisance that some headphones bring to the road. We're proud of these state-of-art headphones for running, but we want you to forget all about them when you've got them on. Everything about Exercise Freak headphones is designed so you can do just that:

  • With built-in Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity to your smartphone or player, there's no dangling wires to get in your way while you run.
  • Exercise Freak running headphones are lightweight – really lightweight. With them on, you might wonder whether we've invented floatanium or some other borderline weightless material. (We haven't – it's just great design.)
  • In every little way these wireless headphones are made for your comfort, from the ventilating air cushion on the earpiece, to the flexible neckband, to the set of silicon ear tips in four different sizes for perfect custom fit.

Small Profile, Big Sound

Despite their ultra-lightweight design, Denon Exercise Freak headphones for running deliver the huge sound that you'd expect from one of the world's leading makers of high fidelity audio equipment. With potent 11.5mm drivers and an integrated amplifier tuned for strong bass response, Denon sports headphones fuel your motor while you power along the road, the track, or the trail.

Headphones Truly Made for Running

Denon Exercise Freak headphones for running aren't generic in ear headphones – they're headphones made specifically for your needs as a runner. In addition to being wireless, super lightweight, and great sounding, Exercise Freak headphones for running include workout-oriented features like:

  • Sweat-resistant earpieces.
  • Anti-microbial ear tips.
  • A reflective neckband for safety on early morning or evening runs.
  • Player remote controls (and a microphone) built into the earpieces, so you don't have to fumble for your player while you run.
  • An available Denon Sport smartphone app suite (for iOS or Android) that lets you use GPS to plan your route and measure your progress. There's even a social app for comparing notes with workout partners.

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