Looking at the headphones market these days, it might seem like your options are limited to those cookie-cutter ear buds or to headphones that some celebrity says you should use. At Denon we know that music lovers are as diverse as music itself. That's why our new line of headphones is all about you – the way you live, the way you listen to music. With Denon you can choose a headphone style that's most perfectly you.

Denon Headphones Sound Like You

Denon has earned a reputation for making some of the finest high fidelity audio equipment in the world. Whatever style of headphones you prefer, with Denon you're going to get exceptional sound quality. But different listeners look for somewhat different sound characteristics from their headphones, and Denon obliges with a variety of headphone styles, each with a distinctive sound profile:

  • Denon's Globe Cruiser™ travel headphones place a premium on ambient noise reduction, for the music listener who wants to relax or concentrate while in a crowd.
  • Our Exercise Freak™ workout headphones get the biggest, most energizing sound possible from an ultra-lightweight form factor.
  • Denon Music Maniac™ headphones deliver pristine sound reproduction that makes them suitable for use as professional headphones in the studio, or for use by hard-core audiophiles.
  • Our Urban Raver™ high performance headphones provide the powerhouse bass response demanded by genres like hip-hop and techno music.

Denon Headphones Fit Like You

Are your head and ears shaped exactly like your friends' or your favorite celebrity's? Doubtful. Denon's comfortable headphones are designed to adjust to your own unique contours. Our over-ear headphones feature rotatable ear cups, memory foam ear pads, and adjustable headbands. And our in-ear headphones come equipped with an array of ear tips so you can choose the ones that fit you perfectly.

Denon Headphones Move Like You

When you're hustling through the airport, or putting the finishing touches on a report while you eat dinner in your plane seat, Denon Globe Cruiser headphones won't cramp your movement. With their Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity, these travel earphones also work in passive mode when wireless is not allowed. Denon Exercise Freak sports headphones also provide Bluetooth wireless connectivity so you can run, cycle, lift, work the elliptical, or do yoga without getting tangled in cable.

To make your Denon headphones even more like you, when you use them as iPhone® headphones or Android® headphones you can download a Denon app from the App Store or Google Play that lets you customize your listening experience.

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