In Ear Headphones

Lightweight and portable, in ear headphones are a great way to enjoy music from your smartphone, portable media player, or home stereo. Denon's new headphone line features several types of in ear headphones so you can choose the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

In Ear Headphones for Business Travel

Denon's Globe Cruiser™ in ear headphones are made for today's always-on-the-go businessperson who wants some personal space on the crowded plane or train. These luxury earphones for travel provide exceptional sound isolation to help you escape from noisy surroundings, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity so you can work or relax free of entangling cables. Globe Cruiser in the ear headphones also feature sophisticated styling, integrated remote controls and microphone, a compact travel case, and a downloadable travel-oriented smartphone app.

In Ear Headphones for Sports and Fitness

Want to elevate your athletic performance by listening to your favorite music while you work out? Denon Exercise Freak™ in ear headphones are the ones for you. Wireless and ultra-lightweight, with air-cushioned, sweat-proof earpieces, this Denon model makes ideal earphones for running, cycling, training, or doing yoga. With these Bluetooth fitness headphones there's even a downloadable Denon Sports app to help you plan and keep track of your workouts, and socialize with fellow fitness fanatics.

In Ear Headphones that Bring the Bass

If what you're looking for in your in ear headphones is a hard-driving, take-no-prisoners bass sound, Denon Urban Raver™ headphones are for you. Using all the technological wizardry we could muster, Denon's packed two parallel 11.5mm drivers into each earpiece, a patent-pending design that delivers booming bass power that's unprecedented for in ear headphones. These high performance headphones are bantamweight but deliver a bone-rattling punch. Use the downloadable Denon Club smartphone app to do things like instantly calling up the lyrics to whatever track you're bouncing to.

In Ear Headphones for the Audiophile

If pure, studio quality sound is what does it for you, Denon Music Maniac™ in ear headphones are your perfect match. Long known for our high fidelity audio components, Denon's reached a new peak with these in ear audiophile headphones. With dual balanced armature drivers in each earpiece and tuned to a flat EQ, Music Maniac in ear headphones deliver superb natural sound quality that's never before been available in a lightweight form factor. Want to custom-tune your sound? Try the Denon Audio smartphone app to create and save 100-band EQ curves.

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