In the Ear Headphones

Some music lovers prefer in the ear headphones to over-ear styles because in the ear headphones are lightweight and portable. Compared to over the ear headphones, in the ear headphones can also be more coolly comfortable on a warm summer day or steamy summer night.

But beyond the broad appeals of in the ear headphones, different people have different things that they're looking for in this headphone style. That's why Denon makes a variety of in the ear headphones, designed to Sound Like You, Fit Like You, and Move Like You.

Work Out Harder with In the Ear Headphones

There's no doubt you can run faster, lift more, or train more intensely when you've got your favorite music playing. Denon Exercise Freak™ in ear sports headphones are designed to deliver heart-pulsing, workout-driving sound – and otherwise stay out of your way. These ultra-lightweight stereo Bluetooth headphones connect wirelessly to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-capable media player so you're free to move without getting tangled in cable. With air-cushioned earpieces, anti-microbial eartips, and a reflective neckband for outdoor safety, everything about Exercise Freak in the ear headphones is tailored to the needs of the athlete in action.

Take to the Skies with In the Ear Headphones

For today's traveling businessperson, time spent on planes or trains is an opportunity to finish some work or steal a bit of rest before getting busy again. Denon's Globe Cruiser™ headphones for travel are designed specially for today's road warriors. This in ear Bluetooth wireless headphone provides exceptional noise isolation so you can focus or rest peacefully regardless of the hubbub around you. With a professional look, integrated microphone, and convenient carrying case, Globe Cruiser in the ear headphones are ready for the road.

Revel in Pure Audio Perfection with In the Ear Headphones

For some music lovers, it's all about pure, transparent sound that's faithful to the original recording. With dual balanced armature drivers, zinc die-cast housing, precision machining, and flat EQ tuning, Denon Music Maniac™ in the ear headphones are built to bring a smile to the face of even the most serious audiophile. One listen to these high performance headphones and you'll be reminded why Denon has long been regarded as one of the world's premier makers of high fidelity audio components.

Bump Up the Bass with In the Ear Headphones

Not sure if in the ear headphones can do right by the bass-heavy music styles you love? Denon Urban Raver™ 'phones are here to kick tail and take names. Loaded up with two parallel-mounted drivers in each earpiece, these Denon headphones sit lightly in your ears but deliver a heavy bass that will jar your bones.

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