iPad Speaker Dock

The Cocoon iPad® speaker dock integrates your iPad into a powerful, versatile, and stylish home audio center. New from Denon, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high fidelity stereo components, the Cocoon iPad speaker dock was made to touch all your senses.

Denon's Cocoon iPad Speaker Dock: See It, Feel It

The first thing that stands out about the Cocoon is its iconic styling. Sleek and spherical, the Cocoon is a far cry from the conventional clunky iPad and iPhone docks. The Cocoon iPad speaker dock is unique to the touch as well, smooth and curvy with nothing protruding. Before you even power it on, this iPad dock is a welcome presence in your living space.

Connect It

You'll feel a sense of relief when you find just how easy it is to connect your new Cocoon iPad speaker dock to your iPad and pretty much anything else you'd like to connect it to. Your iPad can dock on the Cocoon's retractable tray, or stream music to the Cocoon using Apple AirPlay wireless connectivity. You can just as easily use the Cocoon as an iPod® speaker dock or iPhone® speaker dock, again making use of either the retractable tray or AirPlay wireless. An equal opportunity audio dock, the Cocoon also supports DLNA for wireless music streaming from an Android phone – which can come in handy if one of your Android-using friends stops by.

Integrating your Cocoon iPad speaker dock with your home network is effortless, through ethernet LAN or WiFi wireless. And with iTunes installed on your Mac or PC, you can even stream music to multiple Cocoons around your house at the same time.

For those times when you don't have an iPad or other iOS device connected to the Cocoon, you can still enjoy listening to its built-in internet radio with three presets.

Hear It

Of course, the main thing you want from an iPad speaker dock is great sound, and the Cocoon delivers in a big way. While the Cocoon's stylish form pleases the eye, its also serves as an ample acoustic chamber that combines with two-way iPad dock speakers (100m woofers and 40mm tweeters) to produce a sound that's as deep on the bass as it is crisp and clear on the highs.

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