iPhone Headphones

Perhaps more than any other personal electronic device before it, the iPhone symbolizes freedom and individualism. Your iPhone can be practically anything you want it to be. So when you're choosing iPhone headphones, why settle for factory-line, dime-a-dozen ear buds, or headphones some celebrity gets paid to endorse? With Denon's new line of iPhone headphones, you can have headphones that match your individualism just like your iPhone does.

iPhone Headphones that Sound Like You

Denon's known worldwide for our high fidelity audio equipment, and all of our new iPhone headphones provide the premium sound quality that you'd expect from a Denon product. But not every iPhone user is looking for the same sound dynamics from their headphones. That's why Denon offers a variety of iPhone headphones with differing sound profiles. For example, our business traveler-oriented headphones for iPhone place a premium on noise reduction; our fitness headphones get as big a sound as possible from a very lightweight form factor; our HD headphones deliver acoustic transparency and impeccable sound reproduction; and our club-oriented headphones dial up the power and really kick the bass.

iPhone Headphones that Fit Like You

To really lose yourself in the music you need a comfortable fit from your iPhone headphones. To help you forget your headphones while you enjoy your favorite tracks, Denon headphones are designed for a supremely comfortable fit that conforms to your individual ears and head. Our over-ear headphones for cell phone all feature an innovative pentagonally-shaped ear pad design with memory foam for plush, contour-fitting comfort. And our in-ear iPhone headphones all come with multiple types and sizes of ear tips, so you can get the perfect fit for your particular ears.

iPhone Headphones that Move Like You

Will you often be on the move when you listen to your music? To let you move freely, Denon's travel headphones and fitness headphones support Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity. With these wireless earphones for iPhone, you can not only listen to music wirelessly – you can also wirelessly talk to your phone and control its music player, using the microphone and remote controls built into the earphones.

To individualize your listening experience even more, each type of Denon headphones has an available smartphone app that you can download from the App Store. For example, the Denon Club app lets you instantly call up the lyrics of whatever track you're listening to, and the Denon Sport app helps you plan and log your workouts.

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