iPod Speaker Dock

Today's iPod® is a marvel of consumer electronics – a miniaturized music player, video player, and gaming console with vast storage capacity. For lovers of music, videos, and games the only question is how to get the biggest and best sound from this little device? Denon's new Cocoon iPod speaker dock transforms your iPod into a high fidelity audio system, with lots of great features and cool styling.

Premium Sound Quality in an iPod Speaker Dock

At Denon, our specialty is high fidelity audio components and systems that deliver truly exceptional sound. Our new Cocoon iPod speaker dock is for people who are passionate about music, videos, or gaming and want a powerful audio experience. We engineered the Cocoon to produce a bigger, clearer sound than typical iPod speaker docks. The Cocoon boasts 100 watts of total system power, an ample acoustic chamber, a two-way iPod speaker system with optimized cross-over, and a nine-band digital equalizer that ensures perfect frequency balance at low or high volumes.

More iPod Speaker Dock Features = More Fun

Along with outstanding sound quality, the Cocoon iPod speaker dock offers great features that are often lacking from other iPod dock stations, such as:

  • Support for nearly any type of music player. You love your iPod, but maybe you've also got an iPad® or an iPhone®. Or maybe other members of your household do. The Cocoon works not only as an iPod speaker dock, but also as a dock for any other iOS device and even for Android or Windows smartphones.
  • All-purpose wireless connectivity. The Cocoon music dock supports WiFi, AirPlay, and DLNA, so you can stream music wirelessly to the Cocoon from an iPod Touch, iPad, smartphone, or even from a personal computer that has iTunes installed.
  • Multi-room capability. With iTunes on your personal computer, you can simultaneously stream music to multiple Cocoon iPod speakers in different rooms, creating a high performance home-wide audio system.
  • Easy portability. The Cocoon iPod speaker dock comes in a portable version as well as a home version. The Cocoon Portable is smaller than the home version, with weather-proofed casing, a carrying handle, reinforced metal grille, and 5-hour rechargeable battery.

Stand-Out iPod Speaker Dock Styling

Just for icing on the cake, the Cocoon looks every bit as good as it sounds. In a clean stylistic break from the conventional square-box iPod docks, the Cocoon is smooth and spherical. Every little detail is in harmony with the rounded form, including inlaid touch-sensitive buttons, a docking tray that retracts when not in use, and a remote that's in the same shape as the dock itself.

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