iPod Speaker Docks

iPod speaker docks have come a long way since their introduction nearly a decade ago. Some of the latest and greatest iPod speaker docks are compatible with a variety of digital music players in addition to iPods. Other iPod dock stations support wireless media streaming. And some docks are portable, making it easy to take your favorite music outdoors or over to a friend's place.

Denon's new Cocoon iPod speaker dock gives you the best of the best. Not only do Cocoon iPod speaker docks deliver the exceptional high fidelity sound that Denon's long been known for, they're also compatible with every major portable media player, support wireless streaming, and come in a portable model as well as a model for home or office.

Cocoon iPod Speaker Docks: Great Sound from Any Source

With the Denon Cocoon iPod docking station you can listen to all your iPod music in high fidelity sound quality. But what if you or your family or friends have other types of portable media players too – iPads, iPhones, Android or Windows phones? Or what if a bit down the road you switch from an iPod to one of those other devices as your main music player? The Cocoon is compatible with all those devices. It's designed as an all purpose digital music dock that will support your whole household's needs now and in the future. (It even has an auxiliary input for a CD player, if you still have one.)

Convenient, Wireless iPod Speaker Docks

When you're playing music from your iPod or other portable player, you may want to have it in-hand rather than physically docked to the iPod speaker system. Cocoon iPod speaker docks support WiFi, AirPlay, and DLNA so you can easily connect with your home wireless network and stream music wirelessly to the dock from Apple, Android, or Windows mobile devices.

Easy Portability for Music on the Go

Cocoon iPod speaker docks come in two models: a home or office model, and a portable model that's smaller and lighter, with weather-proof casing, a carrying handle, and a 5-hour rechargeable battery. Both models of Cocoon iPod docks feature high fidelity sound, support for any major media player, wireless connectivity, and distinctive styling.

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