iPod Speakers

With the right iPod® speakers you can have the best of both worlds – the huge and easily expandable catalog of music that the iPod provides you, along with the room-filling sound of a home stereo system. To make sure that you choose iPod speakers that you'll be happy with now and down the road, be sure to pay particular attention to these characteristics of the systems that you check out:

  • Sound quality. The number one criteria. There are lots of iPod speaker docks on the market now, and not all of them sound good. If you're passionate about music, make sure you're confident that you're getting high caliber iPod speakers from a well-regarded audio manufacturer.
  • Support for multiple types of players. You may want the music dock primarily for your iPod now, but what if at some point you or others in your household want to play music from another type of digital device? iPod speakers vary in their compatibility with other media players.
  • Wireless connectivity. You may want to listen to music without your iPod being physically docked at the iPod docking station. Does the dock support wireless streaming from your iPod?
  • Portability. If you think you might want to take your iPod speakers with you to one place or another, check into how easily portable they are before you buy them.

Denon Cocoon iPod Speakers: Exceptional Sound, from Any Player

For a pair of can't-miss iPod speakers, consider the new Cocoon iPod dock stations from Denon. Denon has been making some of the world's best premium audio components for over a century, so it's a brand you can count on for exceptional sound. And Denon Cocoon iPod speakers don't just support iPods. The Cocoon works also as iPhone® dock speakers or iPad® dock speakers, or as a dock for Android or Windows smartphones.

The Best iPod Speakers for Wireless Convenience and Easy Portability

Denon Cocoon iPod speakers include native support for WiFi, Apple AirPlay, and DLNA, so you can easily join the Cocoon into your home wireless network and stream music wirelessly to the dock from an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, or Android or Windows smartphone (or from a PC or Mac with iTunes installed). And the Cocoon comes in a Home model and a Portable model. If you think you might want to go mobile with your iPod speakers, the Cocoon Portable is smaller than the home version, with a weather-resistant shell, built-in carrying handle, and rechargeable battery.

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