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In today's home it's not uncommon to have multiple digital music players on different types of devices, sometimes running on different operating systems. What's needed is a versatile music dock that can bring it altogether. The Cocoon music dock, new from Denon, provides premium sound quality, compatibility with any major digital music player, and wireless connectivity. To top it off, the Cocoon looks as great as it sounds.

The Cocoon Music Dock: Great Sound and Compatibility with Any Player

The way that recorded music is distributed and played has changed over the years, but one thing hasn't changed: the most important thing about any home audio system is how it sounds. At Denon, we've been making premium audio components for over a century. With a music dock from Denon, you can count on state-of-art technology, precision engineering, and high fidelity sound that's powerful and crystal clear.

Unlike some iPod® or iPhone® docks, Denon Cocoons are versatile digital music systems that work with any major type of portable media player. Not only can you use the Cocoon music dock as a high fidelity iPhone docking station, iPod dock, or iPad® dock, it's also compatible with Android smartphones and Windows smartphones. If your household has multiple types of portable media players now, or if you might have a different type of player down the road, the Cocoon music dock has all the bases covered.

Stream to Your Music Dock Wirelessly

The Cocoon audio dock has built-in WiFi support so it integrates easily with your home wireless network. Apple AirPlay support is also built into the Cocoon, so you can stream music to the dock wirelessly from any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or from a Mac or PC that has iTunes installed. With iTunes on your personal computer, you can even stream music simultaneously to multiple Cocoons in different rooms, for a complete home-wide high fidelity audio system.

The Cocoon music dock also includes built-in DLNA support, which enables you to stream music wirelessly to the dock from non-Apple devices like Android or Windows smartphones.

Stylish and Portable

Unlike conventional boxy iPod speakers, the Cocoon music dock offers distinctive styling – smooth and spherical, with not a sharp edge in sight. And for music lovers who want to take their tunes out to the yard or the park, there's also a portable version of the Cocoon that's smaller than the home version, with a carrying handle, weather-proof casing, and a built-in rechargeable battery.

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