Noise Cancelling Earphones

On the road or at home, there are times when you need to escape from the noises around you and really focus on what you're doing – even if what you're doing is just relaxing and losing yourself in your favorite music. Noise cancelling earphones were made for just such occasions.

How Noise Cancelling Earphones Work

With noise cancelling earphones (or noise cancelling earbuds), tiny microphones embedded in the earpieces listen for external noise. When noise is detected, the noise cancelling circuitry analyzes the sound wave associated with the external noise and generates a second sound wave that's the inverse of the unwanted noise sound wave (same amplitude but with the phase inversed). In a process known as destructive interference, the two waves cancel each other out, leaving the external noise inaudible to wearer of the noise cancelling earphones.

As one type of noise reduction headphones, noise cancelling headphones are distinct from noise isolating headphones, which work simply by forming a snug fit in the ear canal and blocking out external sounds.

Six Reasons Why Denon is Your Best Buy for Noise Cancelling Earphones

If you're shopping for noise cancelling earphones, you'll do no better than Denon's new Globe Cruiser™ noise cancelling luxury travel headphones. Here are a half-dozen reasons why Denon Globe Cruisers are your best buy for noise cancelling earphones:

  • Denon sound quality. With their full-bodied, acoustically pure sound, Denon Globe Cruiser earphones are true to the Denon tradition of producing best-in-class high fidelity audio equipment.
  • Bluetooth wireless. Globe Cruiser noise cancelling earphones support Bluetooth 3.0 and the aptX codec. With these Bluetooth stereo headphones, you not only get CD-quality wireless sound – you can also use the remote controls and dual microphones built into the earpieces to interface wirelessly with your Bluetooth-capable smartphone.
  • Passive mode. Unlike some noise cancelling earphones, Denon Globe Cruisers support a passive mode (without active noise cancelling) so you can still listen to music even if you inadvertently let the rechargeable battery run down.
  • Lightweight hybrid form factor. With an innovative on-ear/over-ear hybrid form factor, Globe Cruiser headphones are lighter than conventional over-ear noise cancelling earphones.
  • In-the fold. Ideal as headphones for travel, Denon Globe Cruisers fold flat into a handy iPad®-sized carrying case complete with karabiner .
  • Denon Travel app. Available to download on any major type of smartphone, the Denon Travel app lets you create and save custom playlists and EQ curves, listen to global internet radio, and easily access popular travel applications from a single starting screen.

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