Noise Isolating Headphones

In today's world peaceful privacy is hard to come by, especially for the business traveler who spends a lot of time on the road. On planes or trains there are always noisy distractions, and even at home quiet solitude is hard to find amid the bustle of your household and the neighborhood dogs and lawn mowers.

Noise isolating headphones are a great way to carve out some peaceful privacy in a world that's reluctant to give it. Whatever your surroundings, Denon's new noise isolating headphones ward off external distractions and create a private personal space in which you can relax or focus.

Instant Personal Space with Noise Isolating Headphones

Sound isolating headphones work by forming a seal in your ear canal and blocking out external noise. (By contrast, sound cancelling headphones actively emit sound waves that cancel out sound waves from ambient noise). The key with noise isolating headphones is the quality of materials and the precision of the fit in your outer ear canal.

As a long-time leader in high fidelity audio, Denon uses premium materials in crafting our new Globe Cruiser™ noise isolating headphones; and we provide you with Comply™ foam ear tips (which conform to your ear canal) as well as four different sizes of silicon ear tips to ensure that you get a perfect seal and a clean break from the outside world.

It's Your Time, Fill it How You Want

Once you've created some peaceful personal space with your Denon noise reduction headphones, what you do with it is up to you. Want to take a break, close your eyes, and lose yourself in your favorite music? Like all Denon audio products, Globe Cruiser noise isolating headphones deliver exceptional sound quality. Need to participate in a conference call, dictate an email, or engage with Siri®? An integrated microphone in the ear piece lets you say what you need to say and hear yourself clear as a bell, while external noises are kept at bay.

Denon Noise Isolating Headphones, Your New Favorite Travel Companion

Denon Globe Cruisers make perfect earphones for travel. Not only do these noise reducing headphones keep noise out and great sound in – they're also optimized for life on the road, with features like:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 support, for wireless connectivity to an iPhone®, iPad®, or any other device that supports Bluetooth headphones
  • Lightweight portability and ergonomic design, for total comfort even on long trips
  • A long-lasting rechargeable battery, as well cabling for times when wireless connectivity isn't appropriate
  • The downloadable Denon Travel app for smartphones, so you can create playlists, customize equalizer settings, listen to internet radio, or easily access popular travel applications

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