Over-Ear Headphones

While headphones come in many styles or "form factors", for many music listeners there's no beating over-ear headphones for sound quality and comfort. With larger, more powerful drivers than in-ear headphones, and the acoustic spaciousness that padded ear cups provide, over-ear headphones deliver a deeper bass and a fuller sound than do typical in-ear styles.

Which over-ear headphones are best for you depends on your music listening preferences and your lifestyle. Denon offers several new models of over-ear headphones, each tailored to different types of music lovers.

Bass-Heavy Over-Ear Headphones for the DJ or Clubber

Bass-kicking music like hip-hop and techno demands a lot from audio gear and Denon Urban Raver™ over-ear headphones deliver in a huge way. With an integrated amplifier, 50mm drivers, and bass-heavy tuning, Urban Raver music headphones make the bottom end boom without sacrificing clarity. And to top off these high quality headphones, Urban Ravers deliver on styling as well, with a sculpted black frame iced with adjustable blue LED lights on the control wheels outside both ear cups.

Acoustically Pure Over-Ear Headphones for the Sound Professional or Audiophile

If transparent, high fidelity sound reproduction is what you're looking for, Denon's Music Maniac™ over-ear headphones are the best you'll find. These audiophile-grade, professional headphones exemplify the passion and precision that have long made Denon one of the world's leading makers of high fidelity audio components. With Denon's exclusive 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber dynamic drivers, flat EQ tuning, superior frequency response and sensitivity, detachable OFC cabling, and memory foam ear pads optimally shaped for sound quality and comfort, these high definition headphones provide a listening experience more rich and vivid than any you've had before.

Wireless, Noise-Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones for the Business Traveler

For today's road warrior, the right over-ear headphones can provide a bit of peace and privacy amid the hubbub of the plane, train, airport, or station. Denon Globe Cruiser™ mobile headphones are made for the business traveler, with Bluetooth wireless support and active noise cancellation for the ultimate in convenience and calm. With a hybrid over-ear/on-ear design that makes them lighter than conventional over-ear headphones, Globe Cruiser folding headphones are designed for portability and fit easily into their slender travel case.

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