Over the Ear Headphones

Over the ear headphones appeal to music lovers for their sound quality and comfort. A high quality pair of over the ear headphones – also known as circumaural headphones – can deliver a bigger, more full-bodied sound than typical in-ear headphones; and many music enthusiasts prefer the roomy padded comfort of over the headphones to the more intrusive in-ear styles.

Beyond these general appeals, however, different listeners may seek different qualities from their over the ear headphones. That's why Denon's new premium headphone line features three different styles of over the ear headphones.

Over the Ear Headphones for the Audiophile

Denon engineered our new Music Maniac™ over the ear headphones for the audiophile who treasures pure, flawless sound reproduction. Powered by Denon's envelope-pushing 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber drivers, tuned to a perfectly flat EQ, and equipped with detachable oxygen-free copper cables, these high definition headphones deliver the performance of a high end box loudspeaker. Our top-of-line Music Maniac audiophile headphones, the Artisan, feature African mahogany wood ear cups for exquisite sound quality, as well as an ultra-wide 5Hz to 45kHz frequency response with 110dB/mW sensitivity.

Over the Ear Headphones that Bump Up the Bass

If hip-hop or club music is your thing, you need over the ear headphones that can bust serious bass. Denon Urban Raver™ high performance stereo headphones pack a bass-heavy punch with 50mm drivers, an integrated power amp, and tuning that ramps up the bottom end. Perfect for the DJ as well as the hip-hop or club music enthusiast, Urban Raver over the ear headphones deliver an unmatched combination of power and clarity. These high performance headphones also boast stand-out contemporary styling with a sculpted black frame and adjustable blue LEDs on the outside of the integrated control wheel.

Wireless Over the Ear Headphones for Travel

When you travel for business, your time on the plane or train can be time to polish up a project or get a bit of rest. Denon Globe Cruiser™ mobile headphones help you get the peace and privacy you need. With a hybrid over-ear/on-ear design, Globe Cruiser headphones are lighter than full over the ear headphones and more portable. Designed as foldable headphones that fit neatly into a small travel case, these Bluetooth wireless headphones also deliver active noise cancellation that shuts out the sounds of engines or chatty passengers so you can focus or relax.

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