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Your cell phone's undergone an incredible transformation. No longer just a way to make and receive calls when you're out and about, your cell phone is now a miniature, mobile multimedia center. Have your phone headphones kept pace? Do your cell phone headphones provide sound quality that does justice to the wealth of music and video you can now access through your phone? Do they offer advanced features that perfectly suit your individual listening needs?

Denon Phone Headphones: Denon Quality, Your Lifestyle

If you're a music lover with a smartphone, you know that the time has come to toss aside the dime-store earbuds and treat yourself to some serious cell phone headphones. At Denon, our century-long passion for exceptional sound quality has made us one of the world's top makers of high fidelity audio components. Now we've built that renowned Denon sound quality into our new line of headphones for cell phones. Available in a variety of form factors and styles, Denon phone headphones are designed to perfectly fit your individual listening preferences:

  • Denon Globe Cruiser™ phone headphones for travel offer advanced noise reduction technology and Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless connectivity to your iPhone®, Android® phone, or other Bluetooth capable device.
  • Denon Exercise Freak™ headphones for phones are built to energize your workouts. They're Bluetooth capable and super lightweight, with air-cushioned, sweat-proof ear pieces and anti-microbial silicon ear tips.
  • Denon Urban Raver™ headphones deliver super-charged bass power for bottom-heavy genres like techno and hip hop. Packing enough power and performance for use by professional DJs, they also make a killer pair of cell phone headphones.
  • Denon Music Maniac™ HD headphones are made specially for the audiophile who revels in pristine sound reproduction. These audiophile headphones are well suited for use with high fidelity home stereo systems, but also deliver an exceptional listening experience when used as phone headphones.

Denon Apps: Individualize Your Phone Headphones

When you use your Denon premium earphones as earphones for iPhone or earphones for Android, you can download a cool app that lets you individualize your experience. For example, with the Denon Travel app you can create and save custom playlists for your trips; with the Denon Sport app you can plan and log your work-outs; with the Denon Club app you can instantly call up the lyrics of whatever track you're listening to; and with the Denon Audio app you can create and save custom 100-band EQ curves.

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