Running Headphones

In the past, if you needed running headphones you were faced with a dilemma. You could find some decent-sounding headphones, but they were a bit too bulky to have on your head on a good long run. On the other hand, there were lightweight headphones, but they delivered a lightweight sound – not much more motivating than the muzak that wafts from the grocery store PA as you push your cart around.

Happily, Denon has resolved this dilemma with the release of our new Exercise Freak running headphones – a lightweight headphone with heavyweight sound.

Denon Sound Quality, Now Available in Running Headphones

At Denon, we're all about sound quality. Dedicated to high fidelity sound reproduction for over 100 years, we're known for making some of the world's best-regarded home audio systems and high performance headphones. We recently set out to give runners like you the best of both worlds: high quality sound, in sport headphones that are ultra-lightweight and comfortable. The result is our new Exercise Freak™ in-ear running headphones. With small-but-powerful 11.5mm dynamic drivers, a frequency response from 5Hz to 25kHz, and an integrated amplifier professionally tuned for full-bodied bass performance, these lightweight running headphones deliver a big, roomy sound that will fill your head from ear to ear with your favorite music.

Wireless, Hassle-Free Running Headphones

Denon Exercise Freak sports headphones stay out of your way so you can stay in the zone:

  • With their Bluetooth wireless connectivity, these headphones for running free you from annoying wires as you run. No more wires grazing against your arm on every stride or suddenly tugging an earpiece out of place.
  • Exercise Freak running headphones are ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfortable, so you can be happily oblivious to their presence as you motor along to your favorite tunes.
  • You don't want to be fumbling for your music player while you run, so Exercise Freak workout headphones feature integrated touch controls on the outside of the earpieces. These convenient touch controls let you start and stop your music, adjust the volume, or even answer your smartphone and talk into the mic embedded in the earpiece.

To make your experience with Denon running headphones even better, you can download the Denon Sport app to your smartphone. You can log your workouts; use GPS to map your routes and track your running pace and calorie consumption; and use the free MapMyFitness® social app to compare your progress to your friends' progress, in real time.

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