Sound Systems

Sound systems have evolved rapidly in recent years, as has pretty much everything in the realm of recorded media distribution and playback. Shopping for sound systems and choosing a system for your home may seem a bit daunting, but you'll do fine if you keep just a couple of guidelines in mind:

  • Decide how big and how lifelike the sound needs to be for the uses you have in mind. If you're going to use the system entirely or primarily for listening to music, then a conventional two-channel home stereo system, with two speakers, is likely your best bet. If you're a movie buff or gaming enthusiast and you want to really feel like you're "inside" the action, then five or seven channel surround sound systems are the way to go.
  • Demand versatility. Today audio and video are available from a dizzying array of devices and services. You may already be fond of multiple devices and services, and where the world of recorded media will be a year from now is hard to predict. Make sure you steer toward sound systems that are very flexible in the devices and services they support.

Denon's Compact Stereo Sound Systems

At Denon, our passion for great music and flawless sound quality drives us to design and build some of the world's best home audio systems and music headphones. In the CEOL piccolo Network Music System, we've created a home stereo that delivers incredible depth and clarity from a compact, two-channel system. And CEOL piccolo compact sound systems can't be beat when it comes to versatility. Not only do they support conventional analog audio and optical digital audio, these desktop sound systems have a built-in dock for your iPod® or iPhone®, and better yet, they easily integrate with your home computer network via ethernet or WiFi so you can stream music files from a computer or NAS device, or listen to internet radio.

CEOL piccolo sound systems even provide native support for AirPlay, the Apple technology that lets you stream your iTunes library wirelessly from any iOS device or a Mac or PC. Unlike using a Bluetooth audio receiver, using AirPlay lets you stream music without it being compressed in transit (which can negatively impact sound quality) and frees you to take your iOS device with you to rooms other than the one that the music is being streamed to.

Denon's Home Theater Surround Sound Systems

If you want to lose yourself completely in your favorite movies or video games, Denon can get you there. We offer complete, ready-to-go home theater sound systems such as the Denon DHT-1513BA Home Theater System with its 5.1 channel receiver and integrated Boston Acoustics speakers. Or if you prefer to choose an audio video receiver as an independent component (to which you would add speakers), Denon makes an outstanding line of 5.1, 7.1, and 7.2 receivers that provide multiple HDMI inputs for high-def multimedia connections as well as Apple AirPlay to create your own wireless surround sound system.

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