Travel Headphones

Flight attendants always make pre-flight announcements about how to escape the plane in the event of emergencies. What they don't tell you is how to escape the sound of the chatterboxes sitting in the row behind you or the crying baby across the aisle. Fortunately for frequent travelers like you, Denon has the answer in its new line of noise-reducing Globe Cruiser™ travel headphones.

Denon Travel Headphones: Your Bubble of Bliss

Denon Globe Cruiser travel headphones do two big things to make life better when you're on the road or in the skies:

  • Keep noise out. The Globe Cruiser line of travel headphones provides exceptional noise reduction, available in two different styles: on-ear, sound cancelling headphones (which use advanced active noise control technology to negate the sound waves associated with external noise); or in-ear, sound isolating headphones, which use a snug fit in your outer ear canal to seal away external disturbances. Both styles of Globe Cruiser create a cone of solitude in which you can focus or relax.
  • Keep great-sounding music in. The superb sound quality that Denon's known for is in full force with both styles of Globe Cruiser travel headphones. The only downside is the risk that you'll get carried away with the head bobbing and drumming on your tray table. But at this point you've earned the right.

No Longer Under the Wire

Enough with wires: they dangle, they tangle, they're up to no good. Globe Cruiser travel headphones are Bluetooth® 3.0 capable and can connect wirelessly to an iPhone®, iPad®, or any other Bluetooth-supporting smartphone or player. With these Bluetooth stereo headphones, not only can you wirelessly receive music from your player, you can also wirelessly control your player using the remote controls built into the Globe Cruiser earpieces. If you have a Bluetooth-supporting smartphone, you can even take phone calls using the earpiece controls and the built-in mic, while your smartphone stays tucked away.

First Class Travel Headphones, Whatever Class You're Traveling

Wherever you're heading, Globe Cruiser travel headphones help you get there in comfort and style. Globe Cruiser noise cancelling earphones have Memory-Foam ear pads encased in soft protein leather that treats your ears as well as they can be treated in a public place. Our in-ear noise isolating headphones come with Comply™ Foam ear tips as well as four different sizes of silicon tips, so you can get the most comfortable fit possible. Both types of Globe Cruiser travel headphones have sleek designs that convey style and sophistication.

With either style of Globe Cruiser travel headphones you can download the Denon Travel app, packed with customizable playlists and equalizer curves and internet radio with 70,000 stations worldwide.

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