Wireless Headphone
Maybe there are times when it's no problem to have a wire running from your headphones to your player, like when you're sitting motionless in your recliner, zoning out to Pink Floyd. But when you need the freedom to move while you listen, nothing beats a great pair of wireless headphones. Denon's new wireless headphone line delivers exceptional Denon-quality sound without tangling you up or tying you down.

Wireless Headphone Convenience from the High Fidelity Experts

Denon's new wireless headphone family features different wireless headphones for different lifestyles. All of Denon's stereo wireless headphones provide you the full-bodied, flawless sound quality that Denon is known for. All support Bluetooth 3.0 for the most advanced wireless connectivity to your iPod®, iPhone®, or other Bluetooth-capable player. And every Denon wireless headphone includes integrated player controls and a microphone in the earpieces, so you can interface with your Bluetooth-capable smartphone remotely and wirelessly.

The Right Wireless Headphone for Your Lifestyle

We know that different people want different things from their Bluetooth headphones. That's why we offer several distinctive wireless headphone designs, custom-tailored to different needs:

  • Denon Exercise Freak™ wireless headphones are made for the fitness fanatic. Ultra-lightweight, flexible, and available in multiple colors, Exercise Freak fitness headphones help you get your groove on while you work out – without getting in your way.
  • Denon Globe Cruiser™ noise cancelling luxury travel headphones, with active noise control technology, are designed to give to today's multi-tasking businessperson some peace and privacy while they're on the plane or train.
  • Denon Globe Cruiser™ noise isolating luxury travel earphones are also for the busy traveler, but with a lightweight, in-ear, noise isolating form factor that blocks out higher sound frequencies (like nearby conversation) more effectively than noise cancelling earbuds.

Of course, there are no rules about how you use the Denon wireless headphone model that you choose. If you want your wireless workout headphones to double as wireless headphones for TV, more power to you.

Denon Wireless Headphone Apps

With any Denon wireless headphone, you can download a smartphone app that perfectly complements the wireless headphone and your lifestyle:

  • The Denon Sport app lets you chart your workouts, socialize with fellow fitness fanatics, and use your phone's GPS to plan a running route, track your distance run and calories burned, and even see where your running mates are on the same course.
  • The Denon Travel app lets you create and save custom playlists and EQ curves, listen to internet radio with over 50,000 stations worldwide, and access popular travel sites all from the same convenient starting screen.

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