Wireless Headphones for Phone

Your phone's evolved into a boundless jukebox ready to play nearly any song you want. With all this music always available to you, the only question is the best way to listen. You know it's not those cheap earbuds with the wires dangling off them – your phone and your head deserve better. Wireless headphones for phone are a good way to go, freeing you from the nuisance of cables. Better still are wireless headphones for phone that provide premium sound quality and features tailored to your lifestyle.

Denon Wireless Headphones for Phone

Long known for making some of the world's best high fidelity audio components, Denon now offers stereo Bluetooth headphones that connect wirelessly to iPhones, Droids, and other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. Denon great-sounding wireless headphones for phone not only enable music to stream wirelessly from phone to headphones, they also let you control your phone's music player remotely, through touch controls embedded in the earpieces. And Denon wireless headphones feature built-in microphones so you can have phone conversations or talk to Siri® without having your phone in hand.

Your Lifestyle, Your Wireless Headphones for Phone

Your phone paired with stereo wireless headphones gives you unprecedented freedom to move while you enjoy your favorite music. But different people use this new-found musical mobility in different ways. That's why Denon makes two different lines of wireless headphones for phone:

  • Denon Globe Cruiser™ wireless headphones for phone are tailored to the needs of today's always-on-the-go business traveler. These luxury Bluetooth wireless earphones for travel block external noise (over-ear noise cancelling and in-ear noise isolating models are both available) so you can work or relax in peace on the plane or train. With sophisticated styling, a convenient travel case, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, Denon Globe Cruiser wireless headphones are ready to hit the road with you.
  • Denon Exercise Freak™ wireless headphones for phone are designed for running or working out. Super lightweight but with a heavyweight sound, Exercise Freak wireless fitness headphones pump up your performance without getting in your way. With air-cushioned earpieces, anti-microbial ear tips, and multiple colors to choose from, Exercise Freak Bluetooth wireless headphones are the perfect companion for the gym, the track, the trail, or the road.

Ideal as headphones for phone, Denon Globe Cruiser and Exercise Freak headphones also work great with any other Bluetooth-enabled sound source. Use them as wireless headphones for TV or any time you want exceptional sound quality without the nuisance of wires.

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