Wireless Headphones
There's still a place in this world for wires. They provide birds with places to sit, Christmas lights with a way to hang together, and tightrope walkers with a shortcut between the tops of tall buildings. But when it comes to listening to music when you're on the move or on the road, wires just get in the way. Happily, Denon's new line of premium quality wireless headphones deliver fantastic sound without the entanglement of wires.

Wireless Headphones for Working Out

Listening to your own personal music makes working out better, but dangling wires make it worse. Denon Exercise Freak™ wireless fitness headphones are designed specially for the fitness fanatic who wants great-sounding, hassle-free music while they run, pedal, lift, or train. With these Denon wireless headphones you get:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 for wireless headphone connectivity to your iPhone®, iPod®, or other Bluetooth-capable player. With Exercise Freak stereo Bluetooth headphones, you not only get wireless music transmission from up to 25 feet, you can also wirelessly control your player using the remote controls and microphone built into the Exercise Freak earpieces.
  • An ultra-lightweight design and comfortable contouring.
  • Sports-focused details like sweat-resistant earpieces, anti-microbial silicon ear tips, and a reflective neckband for when you're using your Exercise Freak wireless headphones as earphones for running in the early morning or evening.
  • The downloadable Denon Sport smartphone app – the perfect accompaniment to your workout-optimized wireless headphones. Use the app to track your fitness goals and performance, socialize with fellow fitness fanatics, or chart your distance and calorie-burn on a run.

Wireless Headphones for Travel

When you're on the road, there are times when you need to escape the noise of your surroundings and have some peace, or do some work. Denon's new Globe Cruiser™ wireless headphones are built especially for today's always-on-the-move businessperson:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX codec support provides CD quality wireless sound from any Bluetooth device.
  • Available in two form factors: on-ear noise cancelling headphones or in-ear noise isolating headphones, both with luxurious comfort and sophisticated styling.
  • Touch-controls and microphones built into the earpieces of these stereo wireless headphones let you interface wirelessly with your smartphone. Play or pause your music, adjust the volume, participate in a conference call, talk to Siri® – all wirelessly.
  • Get the most from your traveler's wireless headphones by downloading the Denon Travel smartphone app. Create and save custom playlists for your next flight, listen to internet radio worldwide, and easily access popular travel sites from a single starting screen.

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